• What’s on your mind?

    Given today’s business pace, an off-line or poorly performing / designed SAS platform causes lost productivity, time, and money, and reduce or diminish competive advantage.

  • We partner with you to explore and understand your business and technology needs and then recommend innovative solutions that empower you to achieve – and exceed – your strategic objectives.
  • All of our services begin with taking the time to understand your needs and continue until you are completely satisfied. Throughout your relationship with Datanomix, we contribute measurable value and help you make the most of your technology investment.
  • We collaborate with your IT professionals to expedite the installation and integration of your SAS software, while enabling rapid project start-up and access to information, so you can experience the power of SAS technology quickly.
  • We provide ongoing leadership and guidance in identifying opportunities to maximize the value of your SAS investment, and align our solutions with your evolving business strategies while delivering the highest quality of customer service available anywhere.

How is dnx operate delivered to you

Thanks to advanced technology it is no longer necessary to have a physical structure located at your premises. At a reduced cost, dnx can via our CE, remotely deliver SAS PM services to anywhere in the world. The service now becomes an operating cost.

SAS Platform Management

SAS platform management good practice is all about predictive and pre-emptive management rather than problem-finding or troubleshooting after an event. The dnx operate service monitors the entire SAS platform at different service levels that can be tailored to suit your business needs. The result are improved and more consistent service quality and stability, reduced cost and the ability to respond quickly to changes..

The dnx Operate Service consists of:

We monitor your environment ensuring optimization of system resources, load balance of the workload and proactively identify and resolve problems.
Support and maintenance of the SAS metadata environment, transfer of metadata between environments (i.e. from Dev to QA, or PROD) and user administration.
We design and maintain the existing security model as required and user access control.
We will align with your change control process, in the absence thereof we will establish a process, document and control it.
We will monitor network connectivity from your SAS server to the supporting databases and report any issues if they arise.
We will ensure your metadata backup runs successfully.
We will collect, analyse and plan for the storage and CPU requirements for the SAS platform.
We monitor and measure key performance and capacity metrics of your IT infrastructure and generate reports used for incident prevention and capacity planning.
We will identify, diagnose and resolve all SAS incidents either through your IT service desk or through our service desk processes. Problem management is delivered through the appropriate ITIL processes to ensure a permanent resolution is found.
We will take ownership of the management of your licenses and ensure that the correct licenses are applied to the appropriate servers, and ensure that desktop licenses will only be deployed to approved desktops, to ensure that you will not have more installations than what is allowed. We record the latest running configurations on your SAS platform. When new software releases or configuration changes need to be applied our Centre of Excellence staff will deploy and validate these changes.
We know that each customer’s environment is different, therefore we will tailor our online portal to your requirements.